If we want more women rocking the sales industry, we can’t do it alone. That means meeting to connect woman to woman, story to story. At the latest Unstopped Women panel discussion, we’ll meet up to network with the brightest women in sales, followed by a panel discussion led by some of NYC’s top sales leaders.

At every event, we’ll break into small groups to process the discussion. Here, we can discuss our experiences as women in sales as well as how to take action on what we learned from the panel, all while networking in a more intimate environment. At Unstopped Women, we dream big. We don’t just want to give you the tools to succeed in your career; we want to give you the tools to revolutionize the whole industry! Make sure to download our ebook.

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Research shows women are lagging behind their male counterparts when it comes to networking. Not everyone loves networking, so we created a calm, intimate networking experience just for women.


Let’s face it, there just aren’t enough women in sales leadership. Together, we’re going to change that. But first, we need role models to emulate. You’ll find them at Unstopped Women.


Facing the sales industry as a woman can be tough. Here we’ll build the community and connections we need, not just to exceed our sales goals, but also to thrive as women. Leading in sales is possible, and we’re here to raise each other up to the challenge.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Upcoming Events

Unstopped Women – Advancing Your Sales Career

Our first panel discussion was on what women as individual sales professionals can do to get a seat at the table. On May 10th, we will take the discussion a step further by focusing on what we can do to help change our organizations so that sales leadership roles are more inclusive of women. We will also discuss how...

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A Sales Manager’s Course on How to Develop Superior Salespeople

A Sales Manager’s Course on How to Develop Superior Salespeople A program that gives you a blueprint for coaching salespeople into high-achievers. As a manager, you can't underestimate your power to elevate. You are at the front and center to how quickly your salespeople develop the knowledge and skills necessary to sell. For salespeople to develop...

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If you’re ready to be a trailblazing, I’ve put together a detailed ebook on how to catapult yourself into sales leadership. This ebook includes scientific studies and my personal insights, combined with dozens of thought-provoking questions and actionable challenges to help you reach the top of the sales career goals faster.

It’s time for more women in leadership and it’s time for you to be one of those high earning leaders.

Unstopped Women events and this ebook can help. Our goal is to provide you with the skills, networking, and role models you need along your leadership journey. Download this ebook today and check out our events page to find out how you can dominate the sales game and become Unstopped.


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